About the Hampshire County Arts Council

The Organization

The Hampshire County Arts Council Inc. (HCAC) is an all-volunteer, non-profit (501)(c)(3) membership organization, launched in 1994. 

HCAC sees the arts as an integral part of daily life. An art-rich environment enhances the quality of life for residents and visitors, and encourages the development, recognition and appreciation of local performers, musicians, artists and writers.


The Hampshire County Arts Council seeks to foster the creation, presentation and enjoyment of the arts in our community

Web Mission

The Hampshire County Arts Council’s website aims to provide a timely and economical means of connecting county residents and those in the surrounding region to the arts. Free periodic Arts Alerts assist in meeting that aim.


All members and interested individuals are invited to attend the monthly board/planning meetings, at which the organization’s activities are planned and policies are established. These meetings are generally held the first Thursday each month at 4:30 PM,  in Romney at the Hampshire County Public Library. An Annual Meeting of Members is scheduled each March.

Disability Policy

The Hampshire County Arts Council welcomes persons with disabilities at all of its events and activities.To request accessibility services to participate, contact (304) 298-3039 or (301) 717-5303 or performances@hampshirearts.org in advance and we will do our best to accommodate.  WV Relay Operator for information on performances: 711-298-3039

A History of HCAC Events  (click for a chronological list)

HCAC Officers & Directors

  • President: Charles Snead
  • Vice President: Ken Caldwell
  • Secretary: Alana Hartman
  • Treasurer:  Sam Miller
  • Directors: John D’Amico, Dale Brady,  Elizabeth Braun, Booth Dyess, Nancy Judd, Jeff Keister, Robin Pancake.


  • Annual Meeting Coordinator: Charles Snead
  • Art In The Community Displays Coordinator: Ken Caldwell
  • Youth Art Education Coordinator: Joanne Snead
  • Ice Mountain Writers Coordinator: Victoria Carr Echols
  • Membership Coordinator: Charles Snead
  • Music Events Coordinator: Booth Dyess
  • Newsletter Editor: Charles Snead
  • Photography Group Coordinator: Sandy Patterson
  • Theater Group (HAMS) Coordinator: Dale Brady
  • Visual Arts co-coordinators: Liz Braun and Ibi Hinrichs
  • Workshops Coordinator: Robin Pancake
  • Arts Alerts Editor/ Webmaster: Shari Gallery 
  • ADA Compliance Officer: tba
  • Representative to Hampshire County Convention & Visitors Bureau: Ken Caldwell
  • Representative to The Loy Foundation board: Ken Caldwell