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Poems from Summer Art Camp

July, 2002

Lightning is a deadly snake striking quickly and then retreating back to the sky to wait for its next victim.
It slithers and streaks rapidly through a dark jungle of mysterious clouds.
Rain is the lightning snake hissing and spitting to warn off rivals.
Thunder is the lightning snake battling with the creatures of the clouds.
The swirling darkness is the smoke from the battlefield.
When the war ends and the sky clears the lightning snake slithers back to its cloudy domain to wait for the next storm to erupt.
by Julia B.

People are hurricanes destroying everything around them. People are every bad on the planet! People kill for sport for no good reason.
by anonymous

The moon is like a cat I think, both are out at night and see as if the sun were there too. The cat hunts mice and rodents while the moon hunts the waves at sea pulling them in to shore and out again.
by Dakota H.

Lightning is a mole that tries to get to the ground as fast as it can.
by anonymous

My brother is like a tsunami. If an earthquake provokes it, it will do damage. If I provoke him a little bit, he will do damage to me !!!!!!
by anonymous

Comets flash through the sky like a cheetah chasing its prey. It's so hard to see them when they're in action. Just one blink of the eye and they're gone. They're also so beautiful to see if you can see them.
by Sarah M.

A shooting star is like a lightning bug you can only see for a split second. I believe that they give you good luck, but they are also real cool.
by Joshua

Acid rain-
a dragon waiting to burn plants
eating them from the inside out
an invisible flame
eating the colors,
turning plants to brown,
then dust.
by Lucas B.

Lightning is like a fox,
Unpredictable and tricky.
You don't know when it will strike,
You don't know where it will hit.
Be careful !
It could be sneaking up on you.
by Timothy A.

My Pet Comet, the Quangle Wangle

My pet, Comet, is a Quangle Wangle. Comet is really cool. He can drive a bus, but one time he drove into a tornado. When Comet yells, his voice sounds like thunder. Comet's teeth are so clean they shine like moonlight. Comet and I like to lay on top of the house and be silly while we're watching the stars. Comet's favorite toy is hail. He likes to build stuff with it. Though Comet can misbehave, I like him lots anyway.
by Noah Z.

Snow is soft and gentle as a cat.
Snow is deep and cold as a white polar bear.
by Kate W.


Fog is like a bee because it hovers over one place just like fog.
Fog is like a ghost.
by Emily D.

Snow and Cats

Snow is like a cat because they are both fluffy and hisses.
They also are alike because they are both nice to have around.
by Lyndsay W.

Thunder is like an enormous dragon when it comes at night- roaring and annoying and disturbing sleep.
by Leah S.

A Gentle Snow and a Hamster

A gentle snow is a small, fluffy, beautiful, playful hamster dancing in mid-air. A hamster is the snow falling gently on your hand. Taking life through happiness. The snow is beautiful to see as much as your own pet. You never know about the snow, but then again, your hamster could be crawling on your knee.
Surprise !
by Morgan D.

Snow and Ghost

Snow and ghost are alike because they are both gentle, fun, float, soft, fluffy,cold, white, come from the sky, nice, surprising, exciting, gently drifts down, covers up and disappears.
Snow and ghost float through the air- soft, white and cold.
by Amy M.


Rainbows are very beautiful like a peacock; their feathers are vibrant.
A way to remember the colors of the rainbow is to remember a name. The name is Roy G. Biv:


The colors do not have much action.
They are made by sun shining through raindrops.
by Nickie A.


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