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Summer Art Camp 2003


Nancy Judd, Debbie  Raine Haupt, and Robin Pancake

WV Commission on the Arts Community Art Coordinator, Debbie Rainey Haught visits our camp. Here she meets with Camp Director Nancy Judd and HCAC Board Member Robin Pancake.


Designs on Tiles

Patti Perry shows samples of circle designs and a paper device used for measurement.


While campers listen to Patti's instructions, Mask keeps an eye on the photographer.



Campers plan their own designs.

Once their plan is finished, campers scratch their designs onto unfired tiles.


Finished designs will be fired in a kiln.


Folk Music from West Virginia

Mary O' Malley leads campers in some old time songs. These songs were gathered and preserved by musicologist Dr. Patrick Gainer.


Volunteers act out the ballad Get Up and Bar the Door.


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