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Summer Art Camp 2003

Red Roses

I like red roses.
I like them because
they are really bright and
gorgeous. I also like them
because of the spirals.
I think they're neat
and creative. I like the stem because it's
bright green but
one thing about it is
that I hate the thorns
because they hurt you with
their points.

by: Mica


Jack Russell Terriers

Gentle to lots of people and loyal, too
Colors are black and white and brown
Obedient- come when they're called
Follow their owners
Run fast as birds can fly
Jump high from floors to doorknobs
with no trouble.
Energetic- never stop, never give up
Small dog.

by: Holly


The Sad-Eyed Hound

Everyday I let him loose,
He thanks me with a yipe,
He runs around just like a goose,
And explores around a pipe.

He runs away,
then comes back
At night to stay
He curls into his bed, his sack.

Then it starts all over again,
All the next day,
He comes to his pen,
to come and play.

He wiggles around,
with his short legs.
Who knows what he's found,
Maybe some colorful pegs.

by: Erin


Golden Retriever

I have very long fur,
my coat is gold,
as golden as the sun,
I love to be loved,
I am friendly and gentle,
I like to play with a tennis ball,
and I love to run!
I am very athletic,
and I am one of man's Best Friends.

by: Allison


The British White

Has lots of spots
Or maybe just brown
They could eat out of pans and pots
And it will never make you frown.

Its call is a very deep bellow
And it's always very dirty
It's my favorite fellow
And its legs are very sturdy.

It gives everybody their milk
And sometimes even their meat
It doesn't feel anything like silk
And they have hooves instead of feet.

by: Sarah



Once I watched a gentle creature
with shiny scales that flashed orange and gold
swim 'round and 'round in the pond.

At night I watched him float quietly and still
in the middle of the pond
while he slept with his eyes open.

by: Melanie

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