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Summer Art Camp 2003

There is original,
Turkey, Jumbo Beef!

The brand I like is Armour,
And the color's mostly red.

You could warm it in the microwave,
Or cook it on the stove.

So why don't you try one?
But don't forget the bun!

by: Jonathan


I'm black and white with a lot of fur.
I have a curly tail.
I sleep in the snow.
I look like a wolf.

Who am I?

Siberian Husky

by: Kate


I'm black and I live somewhere dark.
I have wings and small feet.
I eat little bugs and fruit.
What am I?

by: Brandon


They're soft and grey.
It's very nice.
They deliver the mail,
And like the sunlight.
Buildings are friends with these clever animals.

What are they?


by: Kate


Soft as yarn
Lives in my barn
While there eats mice
And they are very nice

When I come home
It meows to welcome me
It loves to play
A game with me
Looks like a gray bear

by: Ellie


Something very colorful up in the beautiful sky.
It starts by rain and then a flash of light.
There is a lot of bright colors in this beautiful thing.
And after the mix of rain and sun some colors come to the bright beautiful sky
And the colors are red, yellow, blue, pink, purple, green and orange.


by: Logan


A very friendly fellow
Who will glide so fast
You really should be careful,
The mammal will make a splash

Living underneath the water
It must come up for air
They can be big, they can be small
But normally are sized fair

Mostly gray and speckled white
These creatures are a great sight

Not a lake they swim in
But an ocean far and wide
This mammal is so nice,
It will take you for a ride.

by: Aaron


He's black all but except his feet
He lives at our house
Dad takes him for a walk.

by: Katie


A nose I have that is very very long
Big ears I have to hear the birds' sweet song
A bushy tail and four big feet I have below.
I like to make a lot of noise and sometimes I do bellow
If you can guess what I am
It's not very hard, you see
And when you do find out your heart will be filled with glee.

by: Courtney


A light to the nights sky
A bright light helping you find your way through night
One of God's many amazing creations
More amazing than the beautiful carnation


by: Leah


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