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Summer Art Camp 2003
Poems about the Seasons


Springtime Flowers in the Air

Red roses are my favorite flower in the whole wide world.
They are so lovely-
I like the spirals of the petals
I like the green stems.

by: anonymous



I like summer because it's hot and I get to play a lot.
I like to go on vacation
I go to Rocky Gap because it's fun to splash in the water.

by: Kristin



I'm going to be headed for the pool
I'll be swimming and diving
I'll be doing cannonballs
I'll hold my legs and jump into the water. Splash!
Water flies out of the pool.

I'll be doing pencils too.
I put my hands over my head for the point and
my legs together for the eraser
and I jump into the water
really straight
with hardly a splash.

But I don't want to do bellyflops
'cause that hurts and
gives me a red mark.

by: Kate



Fall is the season of change,
bears are going to the caves
for a long winter night
the colors are changing
from green to golden and brown,
but we knew this time would come,

the deer are the brave ones though
for they stay the whole year
Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

of all the seasons fall might be my favorite
for all the trees are scarlet and amber
and you can watch the squirrels collect their food,
for winter is close at hand.

by: Dakota



Winter is the time when snow
falls from the sky,
to lay on the ground in beautiful
white sheets,
But the animals are no where to be seen,
to see this beautiful sight,
some children ar inside sipping
hot cocoa,
other children are outside making
snow angels,
But sooner or later the fun
is all gone winter has passed,
But everybody knows winter will
be back next year,
and the fun will be back
next year.

by: Kate

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