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Summer Art Camp 2003



Pastel Portraits like Mary Cassatt


Patti Perry showed campers how to study faces to see where features fit in relation to one another. Some looked at themselves in mirrors. Others drew people sitting in the room.

While campers were working, Patti made suggestions for adding interesting textures.

Mask, the dog, was a popular subject with some campers.


Finished work is displayed on a wall.


Making a Mural Like Marc Chagall


Sibyl MacKenzie shows campers a print of Marc Chagall's The Green Donkey and explains how they will enlarge the cartoon to make a much larger mural.
Bits of string have been stretched across the print marking off square areas. Each camper "apprentice" will be responsible for painting one square area on a ceiling tile. First they sketch important lines in pencil, then trace them with black paint.

As outlines are finished, campers start to paint in the colors, using the original print as a guide.

Painted tiles are then reassembled.

Campers sign the board on which tiles will be mounted. The finished mural is displayed next to Chagall's print.


Another group of campers works on Chagall's print I and the Village.



The second finished mural is signed and displayed.


Tiles etched on Monday were fired overnight and are now cooling in the kiln.


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