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Summer 2004 Art Camp
Inherit the Arts


Friday, July 16


The last day was a busy one. Recently fired pottery was spread out on tables so campers could find their pieces and put them in a display of our weeks work.



Just a few pieces did not survive the firing. Patti explained that some water might have been left in the piece when it was placed in the kiln. The high temperature of the kiln could make the water hot enough to burst the pot.


Upstairs in the art room volunteers Teresa Bisset and Sue Saville readied the dye pots for a tie dying activity..



Sue showed campers some pictures of effects they could achieve with careful placement of rubber bands.

Campers got to work on shirts they had brought from home.

Vounteers helped with tricky folds.

Campers needed to wear rubber gloves to keep the dye off their hands.

Mixed into the pot, all the dye looked the same but names of colors were marked on the pots so Campers could choose the ones they wanted.




Leenie Hobbie brought flowers she had pressed from her garden.

And told campers stories about the language of flowers. Many years ago people had given meanings to various flowers thus sending a certain daisy to someone would say "I like you." but, sending a different daisy to someone would say, "Good-bye."



Campers selected pressed flowers from Leenie's collection and used them to make cards for special people.









When the crafts were finished, everyone headed downstairs for a square dance. Nancy helped caller Mandi give insturections.



Steve Dawson organized the musicians.

And the dancing began.



Families and volunteers enjoyed the fun.




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