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Summer 2004 Art Camp
Inherit the Arts


Monday, July 12

Movement Class

The week began with music and dance and some stories from the early days of our country. This class was led by Carolyn Grapes.

Some campers dressed as settlers.


Others dressed as Native Americans.


Settlers in Virginia danced the Minuet.




Settlers in West Virginia did clog dancing.


Pottery Class

While people danced downstairs, people upsatairs were making snakes and pots and other things out of clay.

Patti Perry showed campers how to shape objects with coils of clay.



Some campers decorated their pots by pressing leaves onto them.


Patti shows pictures of some very very old pots.


Some finished pieces are on display.

And some campers use their tools to clean dried bits of clay off the table.

And Mask enjoys the breaks.


See pictures from Tuesday.


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