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In this land Buffalo roamed and wolves howled at the moon.
The squirrels scurried from tree to tree,
And panthers screamed in the woods.
The deer ate grass.
Rattlesnakes, black snakes, and copperheads slithered.
Bass and trout swam in the rivers, and robins flew,
And robins flew and cottontail rabbits hopped around the valleys.

All these animals lived in the Hampshire County I love.



Long ago there were preachers and there were teachers.
The teachers teached and the preachers preached.
At church the preacher will preach and in school the teacher teach.



Deer live scared,
But they will not harm you.
They just run into the woods. . .
They have families in the trees. . .
They eat corn, raspberries and carrots.



People and Their Jobs

Native Americans, hunters, woodcutters, farmers, or even quilters . . .
they all have something to do with Hampshire County.
Hampshire County is just a swell place,
Farmers are farming,
Hunters are hunting,
And woodcutters are cutting.

Where ever you go you see a smile on someone’s face
And what ever you do, just know that everybody loves you.




I see a Red Tail Hawk
It will eat a rabbit, rats and mouse!
And they are very fast.
It is my favorite bird.



People in the Past

In the past there were farmers and teachers.
There were also Indians, mothers, fathers, and librarians.

Also, there were preachers, planters, and hunters.
That is how some people lived in the past.



Rabbits are fluffy. . .
I like rabbits. . .
Rabbits like vegetables. . .
I don’t like vegetables.
Rabbits live in my backyard.
I play in my backyard.



What I like about Hampshire County.
I like the animals.
And most of all the dogs.
Here’s some other animals. . .
Catfish, hummingbirds, snakes, bats, bunnies,
bears, wolves, horses, puppies, birds, catfish, chencilla.



Lady of Grace is a Catholic Church
Hampshire House is a place for parties
Grandma’s house is where I live now
while my house is being remodeled.
McDonald’s is where I go to eat cheeseburgers.
The Presbyterian Church is the church my grandma goes to.
Romney Elementary is the school I go to.



Wondrous Land of Hampshire County

The rolling hills and the great forests,
Farms scattered all over—fields seem everywhere . . .
Roosts for the amazing brown and white eagles,
Rocks that seem to be hanging over top of the quickly flowing Potomac River,
All nature’s children in wondrous Hampshire County!



A Peaceful Hampshire County

I hear the leaves rustling as the wildflowers through:
Deer, rabbits, skunks, all hiding.
If you camp out in the woods and look up at the sky;
You’ll see the Starts shining bright.
The many farms you’ll see—
With sheep, cows, pigs, and bees—
That give you honey. . . .

The open fields provide you with lots of recreation.
The swiftly flowing Potomac River is great for floating---
You might go throught the trough, a river between two mountains,
The many fish you’ll catch, all sizes, shapes, and colors.
Hampshire County . . .
Where the mountains touch the skies.



Everything has its Own Way

Flowers are blooming ----
Dogs are barking ---
The mountains are aging ---
Honey is hardening. . .
Trees are swaying
As the horses are neighing.
Chickens are squaking.
Bird’s wings are flopping.
Everything here has its own way.
Bears are growling
While dark panthers are prowling.
Fish are swimming---
Deer are running. . .
Everything has its own way.



The Animal Jobs

The bees job is to give us honey
Bees are cute
Just like a bunny
The dogs job is to give us love
Dogs can be white, just like doves.
All this happens in Hampshire County.




Dogs dig holes around trees.
Chinchillas roll around in the dirt.
Cats lie around on the couch and sleep.
Ferrets make a funny noise.
Fish don’t do anything but lie at the bottom of the tank and eat.



Snakes and Voles

Harmless black snakes eat rats.
Copperheads slither on the ground.
Rattlesnakes rattle then bite.
Garden snakes live under sandboxes.
Tiny voles dig holes in the ground and get eaten by cats and snakes.



Stores of Hampshire County

In Burger King you stand and cook.
At A & W you rent videos.
In Food Lion you bag the food and stock the shelves.
At Dollar General you buy Mighty Beans.
At Family Dollar you buy Mighty Beans.
At Rite-Aid you get prescriptions filled.
At McDonald’s you buy burgers and fries and chicken nuggets and milkshakes.



Animals that Live in Hampshire County

You can hunt deer and turkey.
The deer eat people’s corn, and turkeys fly around and gobble.
The Quail are rare to see, but my dad, brother, and I saw one.
You never see the bear.
There are a lot more animals to see in Hampshire County



Animals Have Jobs Too

Animals have jobs too . . .
Just like you and me. . .
Beavers are woodcutters and carpenters . . .
Squirrels are farmers . . .
Bears are hunters . . .
Eagles are fishermen . . .
Rabbits are excavators . . .
Snakes are exterminators . . .
Bees are orchard workers . . .
Possums are actors . . .
But . . . catfish have no job.



My Summer

Every summer I fly from Woodland Park—half an hour from Colorado Springs, Colorado—to spend two months here in Romney, West Virginia with my grandma.

The thing I like the most here is my friends. I have a ton—
I don’t even know how many I have.
But I know one thing—
They are my very best friends.

The things I like to do to stay occupied are swimming, Bible school, art camp, watch TV, work on the computer, and play with my friends.
And another thing I like is to beat my grandma at cards.



Hampshire County is a place full of trees and flowers. . .
Mountains, valleys, and towns.
The mountains are full of animals both big and small.
Deer stay up all night and eat at dusk and dawn . . .
Snakes eat at any time, but what they eat is from the ground.
While in the valleys small towns live
And when you look up you will see the starry sky at night.



Historic Hampshire

The Davis House beside the library was built in the 18th century.
Sycamore Dale is the old brick house that has a bullet hole made in the Civil War.
The Kuykendall House across the river is supposedly haunted by the ghosts of soldiers
and their wives.
The Confederate Monument is a reminder to everyone of the War and its cause.



The Beautiful Mountains

I have just moved to Hampshire County, and so far my favorite things are the mountains. It seems as if they’re everywhere.
And they are very peaceful.
They are also very beautiful with the snow at the top.
And that’s why I moved here.




I sing a song for young female hunters. . .
Who dress in camouflage and orange. . .
Who ready their guns and ammo. . .
And head for the woods very early in the morning
And walk to a good spot and lean against a tree
Waiting for the deer to come close. . .
And when they see the deer approaching, they raise their guns. . .
Aim for the shoulder, slowly squeeze the trigger, and. . .
Then track the deer to the place where it has finally fallen.
And then have the thrill of carrying the trophy back home.



Trojan Athletics

I sing a song for Hampshire Trojan Athletics. . .

For the center who hikes the football,
And the quarterback who passes it,
And the receiver who catches it to score,
And the referee who throws his arms into the air to signal. . .TOUCHDOWN.

For the pitcher who throws innings of strikes,
And the batter who hits winning home runs,
And the fielders who keep opposing players from scoring,
And the umpire who yells. . .SAFE.

For the point guards who dribble the ball,
His teammates who guard him all the way down the court
Until he finally scores.
AH—the marvelous swish of the net and the buzzer going off to end the game.



How I Escape from Everything

I like to be alone. I like to daydream. I like to have time to myself. Hampshire County’s a good place and all, but I like to go beyond that. Hampshire County is a pretty good place, but I want to kind of jump into space and get away.



Animals from the Past

The wolf howled at night.
Snakes slithered through what is now my back yard.
Rats ate corn from the fields.
Buffalo grazed on grass.
Moles dug holes.
Foxes ate rabbits.
Deer ate raspberries.



The Animals

Cats purr because they’re loved.
Rabbits hop through fields.
Dogs bark because a stranger is coming.
Rabbits hop through fields.
Bears sleep for the winter in caves.



I Hear Hampshire County Singing

Farms from the 1800s still stand today in Hampshire County,
Fields of corn are still growing well,
The courthouse still stands today,
Hampshire House still stands,
Capon Bridge is still half an hour from Romney,
Hampshire County still has Romney,
And Romney is still the oldest town in West Virginia.
People still check out books in the library today.



People in the Past

Indians lived long ago;
They carved knives and the women did most of the housework.

Quilters made pretty designs on fabric.
Weavers made pretty fabric with string and yarn.

Preachers talked about God.






See pictures of poetry writing.



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