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Summer 2004 Art Camp
Inherit the Arts


Tuesday, July 13


Shirley Carnahan shows the class a rag rug and tells how people during Colonial Times used rag rugs on their beds to stay warm.


Campers each weave a mug rug, one that is large enough to hold a cup or fit on the floor of a doll house.




Balls of rag strips are ready for use.


A father volunteers to cut more strips.


Campers wind rag strips onto a shuttle.


Quilt Block Class

Robin Pancake shows some quilts and talks about the different designs.


Campers use precut pieces to design their own block.



Robin shows campers how to decoupage over the carefully placed pieces.


More Weaving

Patti Perry shows campers how to use fingers and sticks instead of looms and rags to weave a wooden star.




See pictures from Wednesday.


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