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Summer Art Camp 2005
Treasures in Time


While campers work on Thursday projects, Robin Pancake mounts charcoal sketches made on Wednesday.

A camper signs her work.


Patti Perry prepares a concrete mix.

Campers use their muscles.

The wet concrete is poured into an aluminum cake pan which serves as a mold.

Campers choose glass and stones and other interesting items to set in their stepstones.

Decorated stones are left to dry.


Sibyl MacKenzie has brought pictures of dragons and cats and horses. Campers choose their favorites and begin to plan a composition.

First they trace an outline of a chosen creature.

Then they use special white transfer paper to copy their tracings onto black paper.

Bright paint shows up nicely on the black backgrounds.

Finished paintings are left to dry.

Nancy Judd has placed some sample collages on display.

Campers start to work on their own collages.

Some finished pieces.



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