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Summer Art Camp 2005
Treasures in Time

Campers were asked to write about what they their most cherished memories will be like when they get to be old and gray.


My Memories
Hi. My name is Ellie and I’m going to tell you about my memories. When I was eight, I beat my friend Dylan at boxing and he’s 13. I named my cat Dylan. I don’t know why but I did and I’m glad. My sister beat Dylan at boxing too. All and all it was a lot of fun. That was all in 2004
By Ellie A.

When I got the Kittens
When I first got the kittens I was so happy and they made me laugh. Now they go into the woods but they used to live inside. Patch (the calico) once clmibed a tree and a mom bird made her go down and she slipped and fell about 20-30 feet. It was so funny. And I also have a black cat (Raven)
Raven use to and still does climb the screen on the porch. The first time she did it was so funny because she jumped and stuck to it.
Smokey is the biggest and most fat cat I’ve ever seen or had. He’s as fat as this paper.
They’re the best cats I’ve ever had but I had another and her name was Tigger. I liked her a lot too. This is probably one of the best things in the world.
By Logan J.

The Time I Went on a Trip (It is a Real Story)
Once I went on a trip with my nana. We stayed in a Hotel. We put our stuff in our room. Then we went swimming. When we came back the key did not work.
So then my nana went down to the lady and told her that our keys did not work. Then the lady called the cops and about ten cop cars came with about two cop dogs and me and my brother did not have dinner and it was very cold outside and one of the cop dogs had a birthday. So me and my brother sang Happy Birthday and the other dog could do very great tricks. The End. That is a True Story for real.
By Morgan H.

My Most Memorable Years
My favorite years were very special to me. From when I was small till now. One very special thing was when I was in band at the RMS.
I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 6. The year after that I was in the hospital with a fractured arm. After that year, I finally got my puppy, Riley. I spent almost 2 years begging , wishing, and proving that I was responsible enough.
The year after that I had to have my appendix removed. Four doctors told me it wasn’t my appendix.
I’ve played soccer. I kept score in basketball. These have been very exciting years. This year, I will turn 13 and will be a teenager. I will also be going into 7th grade.
My favorite stuffed animal is my white bear Sara. I’ve had here since I was born. My 2 American girl dolls are also very special to me.
I hope that my next couple of years are just as exciting as my first 12 years.
By Allison H.

When I Was One to Ten
When I was 1, I had lots of fun.
When I was 2, I had a lot to do.
When I was 3, I couldn’t climb a tree.
When I was 4, I could reach the door.
When I was 5, I saw a big bee hive.
When I was 6, I had a lot to fix.
When I was 7, I learned about heaven.
When I was 8, I opened a lot of gates.
When I was 9, I had a great mind.
Now I’m ten, and I won’t be a single digit again.
By Caitlyn L.

A Trip to the Beach
My family and I had been on the road for about two hours and everyone was getting bored. When we got to the beach we went to Dairy Queen for lunch. On the second night I got my hermit crab at a shop on the boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach. When I woke up the next morning he was at the top of his cage and when he saw me, he fell into his food shell.
By Zachary H.

Going to New York.
Getting four teeth pulled.
Having a dog.
Going to Pennsylvania.
Going to Art Camp.
Getting ice cream from an ice cream truck in Long Island.
Having friends over.
Going to my friends’ houses
Eating salt water taffy.
By Jason B.

My Memories
I remember when I got my puppy Katara. She is fluffy and brown. I’m not sure what kind of dog she is. She will lick you nonstop if you let her. She likes to chase my friends and me when we ride bikes. Katara likes it when my neighbor comes down to play with her. I took her in the pool and she tried to swim. I had to hold onto her because she doesn’t float too well.
I have a Game Cube and a Game Boy SP. The Game Boy SP folds in half, so you can carry it easier. The game cube isn’t as portable. You have to unplug it from the tv, take out the controller, and put it in a bag with the Game Cube, and the games you want to take. The games for a Game Cube Games are a little smaller than a CD. The Game Boy SP games are rectangle shaped.
By Emily A. D.




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