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Summer Art Camp 2006



On wheels
That spin too quickly
Throw bits of clay
Your creation

by Lindsay W.


Arts We Take

Singing, and dancing, playing music,
Laughing and having fun.
Nothing can describe a wekk of Art Camp
We have got teachers, literature, and Pottery
Having laughs, saying jokes,
Making pictures and Prints, We can’t get enough of.
Oh, how we love Art Camp
by Rachel L.


I Love to Play
In concert band
With my trumpet in my hand,
With sheets of music on my stand
I love to play.

On a stage,
With Mozart on my page,
Corners wrinkled with age
I love to play.

From forte to piano,
From loud to soft.
From allegro to largo,
From fast to slow,
I love to play.
by Allison H.


Cello Player
I started playing cello when I was three. I’ve been playing for five years.
I learned Book#1 and #2. Now I’m starting Book #3. My newest song is called Berceuse (which means lullaby). There are two ways to play the cello, Pizzicato and Arco. Pizzicato is where you pluck the strings; arco is where you use the bow.
by Ethan P.


The Short Pottery Story
Making pottery is a lot of fun.
I made lots of things
I made a dog, duck, and a bowl out of clay
Doing Pottery is fun.
by Caroline W.


I made pottery this week. The first thing I did in my pottery was cut the clay. Next I thought about what I was going to do. Then I shaped a pot but this year was better because I knew how to do it and I wanted to see which one would have been better, and the one this year was better.
by Kali


Pottery is fun. I want to be a potter. I want to make things from clay. I will make a bowl and plates, and it will be fun.
by Hanna H.


I want to sing. I dream to be a singer. When I grow up, I want to be popular. I like country music.
by Kayla D.


I Design Cars

I would make a Shelby Mustang 08
It will have 1.000 h.p. with a 427 igit.
It will be so fast it will go up to 2 million m/p.h.
It is black with gold stripes
by RJ


Pottery is fun.
As much as the sun
Smushing, smashing, squishing, and squashing.
Rolling, cutting, and molding.
These are the things I love.
Baking, hardening, and breaking.
I dread the wait!
I wait the week of fun.
But I can’t help but wonder, are my creations ok?
The week is over.
I get them back
But now I wish I can have that fun week back.
Pottery is fun.
As much as the sun.
by Brenna Y.


In the future, I’d like to learn all about the arts in school- mainly theatre, music, and pottery.
Another goal I have is to learn all the medical things I can. I would like to be a doctor and all kinds of medical people.
Maybe I could be a teacher. But most definitely I want to go as high in school as possible. by Madison D.


Pottery is fun because you play with clay and make something different and creative. Pottery is dramatic and fun too.
by Evan S.


In the future I hope to be an engineer and I might be a scientist.
If I never get there I will be a farmer. (I am a good comedian. I put a lot of thought into my comedy, like for a comic of Garfield, I jumped off the stage.)
by John P.


In the future, I think I will be a potter, scientist, or president. I play the recorder, and hope to play the saxophone.
by Jackson


One day, I hope to be an actor. I always thought it would be fun to act like a different person in a show or movie. I would have to practice a lot though because I could mess up on stage.
by Shayla


Me and art go really well together
Everything from drawing, to pottery, to music, too.
A drawing, a painting, and a paper mache mask
No, it’s not boring if that what you think
Dancing with rock, pop, and rap.
And there is making prints and photography, too
Really, really fun so far.
The art in “hearts in the arts” is fun.
by Logan H.


Truly needing a serious attitude
Having fun
Enjoying it
A lot of comedy
Really dramatic
Every emotion to be portrayed perfectly.
by Jason B.


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