2002 Fall Art Show

List of Awards

Best of Show -- $200

Dottie Winner for "Walking on Water"

Vincent Melzac Memorial Award for Nonrepresentational Work --$150

Mirjana Golubovic for "Indian Summer"

Avalon Best Figurative --$100

Emily Wittman for "All Eyes"

Edwards Insurance Agency Merit Award -- $100

Sibyl MacKenzie for "Texas Hot"

Mary Rose Hicks Memorial Award -- $50

Linda Walker Roberts for "Teatime for Artists"

Farm Credit Merit Award -- $50

Jan Turner Dodgins for "False Caesar's Mushroom "

Mayhew Chevrolet/Oldsmobile Merit Award -- $50

Judy DeHart Davis for "American Gothic Revisited"

Calvert's Storage Merit Award -- $50

Janet Harlow for "Chef's Fixins"

Dillon's Furniture Merit Award -- $50

George Lanigan for "Beth Study"

Hampshire Review Photography Award -- $50

Bob Flanagan for "Wool Dyers' Souk"

Melinda's Frame Shop Gift Certificate --$25

Joanne' Perkins for "Flower of the Deep"

Honorable Mention Awards

Scot Smith for "Lonesome Spruce"

Mary Kuhn for "The Dreaming Tree"

Shay Perris for "Onions"

Louise Dynes for "North River Ox Bow"

Darla M. Cook for "Not Again Nani"

Robin Pancake for "Experiment avec Papier"

Caroline Lowman for "Still Life with Piano"

Nancy Judd for "Cedars on Hill"

Library Purchase Award -- $300

Mirjana Golubovic for "Old Olive Tree"