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2003 Fall Fine Art Show

As you scroll down this page you will see, in random order, snapshots of pieces in our 2003 show. Due to lighting constraints these pictures had to be taken from an angle. Please attribute any distortions to the photographer and not the artist.


The Dancers by Irene Murphey


Counting Flowers by Mary Van Meter



Sandy Hollow School 1868 by Bess Rexroad


White Peony by Jan Turner Dodgins


Puffin by Tyler Evert


Hard Scrabble by Mike Vickers


Blackwater Falls by Bruce Schrader


Swing on Antigo Place by Nancy Judd


Arianne Recycled by Judy Davis


Nancy by Charles A. Carnahan


Summer Treats by Robin Pancake


Lorick's Shed on Hickory Corner Road by Sharyl Suko


Autumn on the Farm by Joan Fleming


American Idol ? by George Lanigan


Stellars Sea Lions by Tyler Evert


Untitled by Joanné Perkins


Calico Pennants by Holly Landes


Shell Forms by Robin Pancake


Dancing Petunias by Caroline Forsyth Lowman


Washington St. Lady by Rolfe Singerman


Exotic, Erotic, Esoteric by Emily Wittman


Bull by Dustin Davis


On a Clear Day by Dottie Winner


Greta by Fred A. Smith


Amarylis by Emily Wittman


Nelson by Charles A. Carnahan


Patriotic Winter Light by Judy Haid


He Said, She Said by Dottie Winner


Bowl by Mike Vickers


Purple Haze by Joanné Perkins

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