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2005 Fall Fine Art Show

As you scroll down this page you will see, in random order, snapshots of pieces in our 2005 show. Due to lighting constraints these pictures had to be taken from an angle. Please attribute any distortions to the photographer and not the artist. This year's photographs were taken mostly by John Wood.

The Tourists
Dottie Winner

Dottie Winner

Faded Blues
Allen Carnahan

Jackie and Her Box
Shirley Carnahan

Genus P4
Mary A. Mc Cunn

Savaged Cattail

Mary A. Mc Cunn


Mary A. Mc Cunn

Snow Pebbles Var. 1

Caroline Forsyth Lowman

The Grass Is Greener on the Other Side
Sandy Osgood

Shirley Carnahan

Later Afternoon Station
Bill Merlavage

Indian Creek Covered Bridge
Bess Rexroad

Allen Carnahan

South Branch
Jill Baldinger

Jeannette Z. Hunt

Allen Carnahan

Girl on the Rocks
Dottie Winner


Elephants by Emily Winner


black & white airplane in the air drawing


drawing soldier talking with woman with rifle

soldier's helmet on rifle butt

pastel, seashore at sunset

painting, mill in fall foliage

photo, crowd on lawn of building

photo, train station in rain

fabrics collage

flowers painting

horseback riders on forest trail

three pastel panels

watercolor, flowers

Girl on rocks by Dottie WInner

Girl on the Rocks
Dottie Winner

stairs in old city painting

flowers painting

sunflowers watercolor

black and white photo sun streaming through trees

black and white highway through trees

black and white photo waterfall in winter

butterflies color photo

abstract painting

painting, tree against sunset sky

South Branch farm painting

Quiet Cove
Jill Baldinger

Fox Hunt painting by Mary Carter

Photo foliage against sunset

ceramic sculpture


ceramic sculpture 2

hanging sculpture

this and that sculpture

little boy in rain slicker photo

black and white landscape photo

white dog with snow covered trees

blue wildflowers photo by Robert Livingston

Old mill painting

frontiersman pencil drawing

photo spikey leaves against rocks

horse photo

Little girl in hat photo by Eph Herriott

cracked stump photo

yellow rose photo by Lynn Golemon

black and white fawn photo

black and white photograph old bench

Painting The Grass is Greener (by Sandy Osgood?)

The Grass Is Greener on the Other Side ??
Sandy Osgood ??

Reflections, photo of bike by one-way sign by Shirley Carnahan

Shirley Carnahan

black and white photo old whetstone

black and white tree in snow photo

photo white morning glory

cityscape photo with unusual cut-out mat

cow photograph

pink dogwood blossom photograph

photo seaside cove

covered bridge painting

Indian Creek Covered Bridge
Bess Rexroad

color photo plants

Roma tomatoes photo

sheep with shearer's hand

cemetery headstone watercolor painting

farmer's market painting

Indian Mound Cemetery Parsons Bell Tower painting

reflections in water photo

eagle and tree silhouetted against sunset painting

still life painting

abstract painting in blues, purples and yellows

shoreline below snow-covered mountain peak photo

fox in woods painting

photo item on rock

pastel mounted figures against sunset sky

cross monuments photograph

little girl rests against a branch photo





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