You Are Welcome

HCAC welcomes the talents and contributions of many volunteers and would love to tap into yours as well. Making the Council's activities come to life involves lots of tasks, large and small. So if you have a little time you could devote to helping, please contact any of the coordinators or group chairs and ask how you can get involved.

Contact HCAC

WV Relay Operator
for information on performances or other HCAC
activities: 711-298-3039

E-mail for general information at email address for general HCAC information

E-mail the Art Camp chair at email address for art camp coordinator

E-mail the Concerts/Performances chair at performances e-mail address

E-mail about Ice Mountain Writers to write [at]

E-mail the Membership chair at membership e-mail address

E-mail the Photography Group coordinator at Photography Group coordinator e-mail address

E-mail the Studio Tour coordinator at email address for Studio Tour coordinator

E-mail the Theater (HAMS) coordinator at email address for theater coordinator

E-mail the Visual Arts chair at visual arts chair e-mail address

E-mail the webmaster atwebmaster e-mail address

Or write us at:
Hampshire County Arts Council
P.O. Box 624
Romney, WV 26757