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Hampshire County Arts Council, P.O. Box 624, Romney, WV 26757

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**Annual Membership runs from April 1 through March 31. From August 1-April 1, memberships are charged at 1/2 year rates.

1/2 year Individual Membership $7.50

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Membership will be confirmed by e-mail and will run through March 31. From August 1 dues are charged at half-year rate.

Becoming A Member

You are hereby invited to join the Hampshire County Arts Council. Discover the wealth of creativity in our midst and help make Hampshire County an even more inspiring place to live. Support the further development of the arts in our community through your membership. Memberships renew on April 1 each year.

The Hampshire County Arts Council sees the arts as an integral part of daily life. An art-rich environment enhances the quality of life for residents and visitors, and encourages development, recognition and appreciation of local performers, musicians, artists and writers.

The Hampshire County Arts Council is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, established to foster the practice and enjoyment of all the arts in our community.

Membership is open to everyone- whether you are actively involved in the visual, literary, or performing arts; or, you simply may enjoy the arts and wish to support them in Hampshire County.

Encouraging the Arts in our Midst

The Arts Council aims to encourage everyone participating in the arts to share their talents here locally and to nurture a creative exchange between and among the various artists in our midst, and in turn benefit the community at large.

Goals of the Hampshire County Arts Council include:

The Arts Council also organizes arts education programs for those active in specific arts, for local children, and for the community at large to expand appreciation for and understanding of the arts.

The Arts Council has:
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