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Sibyl MacKenzie

Born in Virginia, the second daughter in a Foreign Service family, Sibyl lived in England, China and Germany. She studied Chinese watercolor painting under Hsiao Yu Hsien for five years. She graduated from Columbia University with a degree in German Literature and has worked for the Federal government as an analyst and speechwriter.

She works with realistic images, but places them in a context where fantasy meets reality, to explore the fine line between the inner and the outer world. Often she begin with just colors and shapes and then develops the images that emerge. She paints in acrylics on both hardboard and canvas and the paintings have many layers and textures.

Sibyl has exhibited in galleries in Virginia, Seattle, New York, Maryland, West Virginia, and Washington, DC and is currently represented by the Manhattan Golf and Gallery in Cumberland, MD, the Water Street Gallery in Petersburg, WV, Paintiques in Rehoboth, DE, and Oasis in Harrisonburg, VA.

Selected Work by Sibyl MacKenzie:

Emperor's Gift by Sibyl MacKenzie
Lady In Blue With An Orange 18" x 24"

Geisha Afternoon by Sibyl MacKenzie
Blue Cats and Milk 32" x 28"

Grandmother's Jewelry Box by Sibyl MacKenzie
Elephant Games 24" x 18"

Guinea Feather by Sibyl MacKenzie
Wine Bearers 28" x 33"

Old Man With A Little Donkey by Sibyl MacKenzie
Blue Peach 16" x 20"

Little Donkey with Old Man by Sibyl MacKenzie
Balancing Act 18" x 24"

Copper Cats by Sibyl MacKenzie
Copper Cats 30" x 24"

The Meadow by Sibyl MacKenzie
Water Carriers 24" x 32"

The Mystic and the Cats  by Sibyl MacKenzie
Blue Lady and Cat 24" x 18"

Medicine Man by Sibyl MacKenzie
Horse Games 24" x 30"

Peace In A Weary World by Sibyl MacKenzie
Little Blue Elephant 16" x 20"

Weary Pilgrim by Sibyl MacKenzie
Reunion 36" x 32"

Fragments - Indian by Sibyl MacKenzie
Geisha Afternoon 33" x 28"

Dream of King Arthur by Sibyl MacKenzie
Blue Horse 24" x 18"

Oracle by Sibyl MacKenzie
Clockwork Owl 24" x 24"

The Knowledge Seeker by Sibyl MacKenzie
Nomads 16" x 20"

Arctic WInter of The
Blue Elephant 22" x 24"

Cracked Vase by Sibyl Mackenzie
Cracked Vase 22" x 24"

Bird Man by Sibyl Mackenzie
Bird Man 18" x 24"

Arctic WInter of The
Owl's Secret 30" x 20"

Arctic WInter of The
Welcoming the Children Home 28" x 24"