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October 6-8, 2017

The Hampshire Highlands Studio Tour is an annual event held this year in sunny October, Columbus Day Weekend in Hampshire County, WV. This tour showcases local WV artists and artisans. We invite all visitors to tour the artists in 5 convenient locations right off US Rt. 50 in Capon Bridge, and off Rt. 50 and Rt. 28 in Romney. Beautiful Hampshire County welcomes you. Come interact with the artists as they describe or demontrate their creative processes, be it in fine painting, jewelry, art glass, wood work, welded works, sculpture, pottery, photography, watercolor, fabric arts, stained glass, graphics, bead work, paper arts, or repurposed furniture.

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All artists wishing to participate please email: studiotour@HampshireArts.org or call Ibi Hinrichs, HHST Coordinator, at 703-655-1767

Hello HCAC Members, Artists:                                    May, 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Hampshire Highlands Artist Tour kickoff information & signup. 

The tour will be October 6th - 7th and 8th this year to take advantage of the wonderful weather and the other tourist attractions like the Potomac Eagle schedule.  October will give us ideal average temperatures of around 65 degrees with sunset not until 6:30 pm. The tour sign up will be $50.00 this year down from $75.00 of last year to encourage more artists to join the tour.

Three locations have been identified for Artists to use.  These locations are for those who want to take advantage of centrally located buildings to insure maximum attendance by tourists and art lovers. Of course you may have your individual studio on the tour if you think that is the best location for your success. First come first serve on which location you want. Robin Pancakes’ location is not available this year.

In Capon Bridge:
  1. Tthe Ruritan Community Center can accommodate 6 - 8 artists
  2. The River House can accommodate 2 more Artists inside the building. The café will be open during the tour. The weather protected area below is called the Otter’s Den and is good for 10 artists - this area is open sided and not closed in at night, but your art may be stored and re-set up.
In Romney:
  1. We have the Co-Op’s large Classroom space (20 X40) for all artists that live closer to Romney or want to display in Romney.  This room has an entrance all its own and Tour participants will be directed to that entrance.  They will not have to go through the Co-Op to get to the Artists who display there but they will also have the advantage of the attraction of the Co-Op to bring more tour participants to this location. 
  2. Artists who currently display in the Co-Op will be able to also display in the Tour space and have a much bigger area to exhibit in. They will be able to sell their work directly. What items they have in the Co-Op would stay there and if sold be subject to Co-Op rules but whatever items displayed and sold in the tour (classroom) location will be their sales alone.
  3. There is lots of space in the classroom, but if anyone wants to use another space just let Ibi know where.
  4. The Carriage House  and Bill Calvert’s workshop will also be on the tour. Returning Artists, VLynn  Moore and Lynn Dollinger-Payne  will use the Carriage house so that  location is now full.

We will collect $50.00 per person for the tour and with this reduced fee  (last year was $75) we think this will encourage more artists to sign up.

How the monies collected will be spent:
  1. We will do various advertising in Winchester papers, Hampshire Review, DC, Online and more. We will make a reasonable amount of 1/3 cut brochures (rather than folded ones) Keeping them simple with one side the map and the other the information.  We will make several large sandwich board signs to guide tour participants on major roads, turns and the actual destinations.  We will have Facebook and other Online presence and work with the Potomac Eagle.
  2. Payment for the use of the Ruritan Community Center and the Co-Op 
  3. Free Promotions would include articles/opinion columns into local newspapers

We have been given a marvelous suggestion by Dot Calvert and Lynn Payne, described below.  PLEASE reply if you’d like this to happen.

All artists would participate in creating a special “Artist Basket” with something from each artist in it for tour participants to WIN. 

There would be an “Artist Bingo Card” with all the artists names on it and each tour participant would get the artists to sign their name on the card as they visit the artists at each location. Everyone who completes the Bingo card would qualify to put it in a box (one available at each location so it wouldn’t matter where you ended the tour) and then all the cards would be put into one box and a winner would be drawn from the box to receive the “Artist’s Basket”.  This would encourage everyone to go to each location and see each artist.

We would put a picture of that basket in our promotional advertising, giving people the excitement of possibly winning a fabulous gift.

All information in the Artist Agreement (click here to download) can be filled out and sent by Email/ or regular mail.
Write check/s to: Hampshire County Arts Council  (artist fee/ HCAC membership fee)
Mail your check/s and Artist Agreement to: 
HCAC c/o Ibi Hinrichs 234 E Riggs Hollow Road, Augusta WV 26704
Send Email to: studiotour@HampshireArts.org

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