Specific Ways You Could Help

Concerts Volunteer to post fliers around Romney. Call Concerts Chair Booth Dyess at (703) 655-1767.

To let us know of your availability and/or interest you can:


































How YOU Can Be Part of The Picture

Jonathon Hamilton volunteered his culinary talents  Jane Plante and Nancy Williams help at the door.
Jonathon Hamilton volunteered his culinary talents and Jane Plante and Nancy Williams helped
check in members forat last year's Annual Meeting.

Everything the Arts Council does, is done by volunteers. Some volunteers do a lot, some do a little bit. Many tasks don't require any special talent or knowledge, just a little time and willingness to help. All our volunteers are busy people, fitting even small jobs into very busy work-family-community schedules. Every little bit helps and is very much appreciated.  As the adage goes, many hands make light work!

If you might be able to help with your own "little bit",
here are some ways to help you might consider:

Help coordinate an interest group/area

Help with general promotion of Arts Council activities

Help with music (contact Concerts Chair e-mail)

Help with visual arts (contact Visual Arts Chair e-mail )

Help with art camp (contact Art Camp e-mail )

Help with arts in education Help with the newsletter (contact Newsletter Editor e-mail )

Help with the website or Arts Alerts (contact webmaster e-mail)

Help with office tasks

Help with the Annual Meeting/Member Party/Showcase

and more...

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