Hampshire County Arts Council – Music Grant Application

The Hampshire County Arts Council (HCAC)  Music Grant program is designed to financially assist in providing musical events in Hampshire County promoted by other non-profit organizations.  HCAC (Grantor), upon acceptance and approval of an application from a 501-c-3 non-profit or a public school in Hampshire County (Grantee/Applicant) for a musical event being held at an accessible venue, will supply funding to assist in the payment of the performer fee as specified by the Grantee.  The musical events that will be considered should provide musical experiences outside of the norm (Non Country or Bluegrass Genres) thus expanding the musical cultural horizons in the Hampshire County area.  The following restrictions must be followed by the Grantee/Applicant.

  • Grantee/Applicant must be a registered 501-c-3 organization or Public School.
  • Grant request amounts may not exceed $500.
  • Grant request from any organization/school shall be limited to two performances per calendar year.
  • Grantee/Applicant must match the HCAC grant amount.
  • Granted funds may only be used for the Performer Fees.
  • Grantee/Applicant will provide all publicity for the event.
  • All publicity must identify HCAC as a sponsor and include the HCAC logo.
  • HCAC is to be acknowledged as a supporter at the introduction of the event.
  • HCAC members are to be given a discount of at least 20% on ticket prices.
  • Grantee/Applicant must provide a report/outcome in writing of the performance within 30 days summarizing the performance and the audience attendance.
  • HCAC will forward the granted funds within 30 days of receiving and approving the report.
  • HCAC reserves the right to reject any and all requests.

On-Line Request Form

Musical Performance Information

Read, Sign and Date

Mail-In Request

HCAC Music Grant Application Form – CLICK HERE

  • Print and complete the .PDF Form above.
  • Mail your completed form  to Hampshire County Arts Council, PO Box 624, Romney WV 26757.
  • You will be contacted once our review is completed.

Questions or information please email us at info@hampshirearts.org