Artists and Heritage Skills Directory 

Interested in offering your heritage, life, or artistic skills to instruct or accept commissions from others?

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General Participation Information

We are developing a directory of people who are willing to teach others or take commissions.

If you have an art, heritage, or life skill to share, sign up.  We will prepare the directory and have it available online at the HCAC and Hampshire County Co-op web and FB pages as well as hard copies in different locations in the county.  No fees to HCAC or the Hamp. Co. Co-op are necessary.

In filling out this form, I understand the directory is only a source of information for genuinely interested parties interested in learning specific skills or receiving merchandise.  Any contract or agreement between the teacher and instructor are theirs alone.  Times, locations, skills, products, fees, and ages of students are the responsibility of the involved parties, not HCAC or The Hampshire County Co-op.

ON-LINE Submission:

Fill out the form below and press SUBMIT.  Your request will be emailed to Nancy Judd at


MAIL-IN Submission:

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  • Print the .PDF Form above
  • Please fill out and email to Nancy Judd at
  • or mail to Nancy Judd at 7727 S. Fork Little Cacapon Rd, Shanks, WV 26761
  • Send your submission in today!!!