Romney Community Pool

Thanks to local artist John D’Amico, The Romney Project, HCAC, and a team of volunteers that made the Romney Pool mural happen! The mural started with John’s imagination to created the an image on his computer. The image was then projected and outlined onto the building at night. Then the real fun to paint began. The project took 5 weeks, 12 volunteers, 150 hours, and 40 different colors to complete from start to finish.

What will John and the Romney Project think of next?

Step 1:

Super impose the image to create a sketch.

Step 2:

Many hours of painting begin.

Step 3:

Add a little more detail and definition.

Step 4:

Add a signature and sit back and enjoy a job well done.


Romney is West Virginia’s Oldest Town


Romney was established December 23, 1762 and is a pearl in the Hampshire Highlands, waiting to be polished and shown to the world. Inspired by the successes of the arts-driven community awakenings around WV, we will be “painting the town.”  Not red but with art and activities that will transform the perception of Romney visually, emotionally, passionately and affectionately.  You can be a part of our plans and dreams.


The Romney Project wants to 

Paint the Town – Literally!

Historical Time-Line of Romney mural draft

A collaborative group of volunteers from the Hampshire County Arts Council (HCAC), the Town of Romney including the Mayor and the Town Administrator, and concerned and interested business owners and citizens has embarked on an adventure to use art and this history to showcase our town. Our collective love of art coupled with our interest in history led us to this extremely needed effort, namely The Romney Project (TRP) to raise awareness of our town’s rich history and culture and uplift the community spirit through arts and education.

The first mural, on the east wall of an historic building facing Celebration Park (see above right), was painted by volunteer artists. After “getting our feet wet” and showing the community how much difference some artistic design and paint can do to transform the looks of the town, we will be ready to tackle our more ambitious historical timeline of Romney mural. If you are interested in helping with future murals, contact Joanne Snead at or 304-298-3039.

Repurpose key demographics with the aim to get buy in. Execute bleeding edge with a goal to disrupt the balance. Leveraging stakeholder engagement to, consequently, improve overall outcomes. Executing below the fold so that as an end result, we make the logo bigger. Demonstrate below the fold with the possibility to innovate.

Murals Around Our Town

Multiple Romney business owners have granted permission for murals to be painted on their buildings. A variety of themes are planned depending on the location and the history of the location.  John D’Amico, HCAC member and professional commercial artist, along with other local artists, is designing the murals by working with the business owners and TRP members. The signature mural, shown at above left, is a historical timeline of Romney from the early Indian settlements to today and has been proposed for a large building or to be used in parts on a series of buildings.  Below is a detail from the beginning of the timeline.

Detail of mural concept