Author Phil Gallery reading at an Ice Mountain Writers' event.

Phil Gallery is a writer. He wrote four national award-winning children’s books that were illustrated by member Janet Harlow, “Can You Find Jesus?”, “Can You Find the Bible Heroes?”, “Can You Find The Followers?”, and “Can You Find The Saints?”. They are available online

For several years he wrote a weekly op-ed column for The Hampshire Review. From 1994 to 2018 he taught a summer workshop each July on “Writing Wrongs—How to Write to Make a Difference” at Common Ground on the Hill.

He has been a member of Ice Mountain Writers and participated in many of their Evenings of Word and Song over the years.

Phil completed a novel in 2023, Presidential Election 2020: What Might Have Been, available on Amazon in print and Kindle versions. 

Cover of Presidential Election 2020: What Might Have Been by Philip D. Gallery

Much of the mental part of his writing was accomplished while working on his Christmas tree farm in Augusta, West Virginia.

A graduate of the US Naval Academy class of 1968, he holds a BS in Nuclear Physics. 

Phil can be reached at: or 304-496-8002

Three illustrated children's books by author Phil Gallery

    Cover of Can You Find Bible Heroes book